Managerial Grid


Definition: the Managerial Grid is a behavioral management style model by Blake and Mouton ('64) categorizing management or leadership styles into a 9x9 grid.
The axes of the grid are:
- X-axis: Concern for Production: 1 (low) to 9 (high)
- Y-axis: Concern for People: 1 (low) to 9 (high)
The extremes are:
(1,1): Impoverished style - delegate-and-disappear
(9,1): Produce or Perish style - authoritarian
(1,9): Country Club style - one-sided, thoughtful attention to the needs of employees
(9,9): Team style - high concern to both people and production
(5,5): Middle-of-the-road style - balancing between people and organization



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