Top MBAs in Sudan


How to find the top MBA's in Sudan

Are you in a process of selecting the best business schools to obtain an MBA degree and are you currently looking for the top MBA programs in Sudan?

Here are some key demographic and economic data about Sudan (2012) to get started: it is a federal presidential republic and has a population of 31 million. Capital city: Khartoum. Total nominal GDP is $59 billion. Nominal GDP per capita is $1,788.

Taking an MBA in Sudan

One major advantage of taking an MBA here is that even if most MBA programs are being taught in English, you will be able to learn Arabic just by living here. Also you'll learn to appreciate cultural dimensions and grow your cultural intelligence. Taking an internship in a local company as part of your MBA study might present a further opportunity to build international experience.

Sudan is an extremely poor country that has had to deal with social conflict, civil war, and the July 2011 secession of South Sudan - the region of the country that had been responsible for about three-fourths of the former Sudan's total oil production.

Overview of the best MBA programs in Sudan


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